Roma! (February 15-18)

Viva la Roma! 🙂

School field trip to Rome!  Okay well first off…Rome is HUGE.  Just the other day I overheard a study abroad student who studying in Rome say that she feels like she hasn’t even seen all of it!  We were lucky enough to have our teachers as our tour guides through important churches and piazzas and ruins and such!  I have been once before and I still felt like I was seeing new things!  The first day I had signed up to be on Peter’s tour.  Let me tell you a bit about Peter.  He is 60 (maybe??) crazy white/gray hair, red circle glasses, jeans, navy sweater, neck scarf (blue/yellow/white pattern) and a brown coat. EVERYDAY.  He is half Spanish half Bohemian (Czech Republic-i think).  Weirdest accent ever.  Calls us “children”, “amore”, “squirrels”…and much more.  Needless to say he is quite the character!!  Everyone loves him and that first afternoon in Rome was overwhelming and I only caught a few of his words!  We visited the Trevi Fountain (threw a coin in-I will be returning sometime!) and the Pantheon…so beautiful and is in the most random place so every time we walked by it I was not expecting it to be around the corner!


The next day I switched into another group and was able to hear much more!  We went to the Colosseum and other churches….hmmm we did a lot but nothing much is coming to my mind! …other than the rain! It POURED!!! and genius Kelsey forgot her umbrella! I snuck onder my friends umbrellas until my right arm was soaking!! So I gave up and bought a cheap one from all the guys that had been shoving them in my face all day!!  It was so much rain!  The next and last full day was my favorite:)  It sprinkled on and off through the day but it was mostly nice (thank goodness!)  We were able to venture into Rome without and tours! woo!!  Piazza Navona was one of my favorites!


We spent a lot of time around this piazza and found so many cute shops and it was full of traditional Italian restaurants.  I also saw a dog that looked exactly like mine-that may have swayed my opinion for this area:)  We ate at an enoteca (wine bar) called Mimi e Coco (very good!) and it was finally (kinda) warm enough to eat outside!  It was exciting:)  Sierra was flirting it up with the waiter (attractive…go sierra) and everything was great!! Then it started hailing!! Haha it was a riot.  Everyone was trying to stay dry and for the most part people were out of the way…except me! I had to quickly squish onto the side of the table (i was on the end) and thank goodness i did it because two minutes later I would’ve been SOAKED!  It was one of those experiences that I will always look back at and laugh!


Sunday we got up early and headed to the vatican!  Pope Benedict (Papa Benedetto-as the Italians say) was delivering his last public speech before stepping down from being the Pope.  It was a big deal!  We got there about 3 or 4 hours before so we were sure we’d get a good view of him!  And we did-it was so cool to see people from all across the world-literally- who had travelled to see him.  There were spanish, italian, french, english, and I am sure many more languages being sung and spoken while we were waiting.  When Pope Benedict finally came out he said a few prayers (in Italian so I was a little lost) and then began to thank everyone in all the different languages.  I think it was around 6-7 languages that he spoke.  It was incredible.



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