Fiorentina!! Vai vai vai!

I went to a ‘calcio’ match last Sunday and it was crazy!  Italian soccer is basically equivalent to American football…so I pretended that I was at the superbowl…it kinda works…? 🙂 Italians are great fans. The crowd was singing. Literally cheer/singing the whole game! I have no idea what was being said but it was beautiful Italian chants all in unison…pretty impressive if you ask me!  There were a few older men right behind us that were extremely entertaining to listen to (again-NOidea what was being said).  I did catch “vai vai vai!”, which means, “go go go!” ( pretty proud of myself). 🙂 No, but all in all it was awesome and I am definitely going to try and go to another game!MVI_0826

This week has been exhausting! It’s the first full week of classes (and I’ve been here for a month already?!) and it took a lot out of me!  It is beginning to feel a lot more like…not home…but not a vacation anymore!  I’ve got a good start on my routines and I am excited to see what this weekend brings!

A domani!


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