First week has begun:)

I have officially been to all of my classes! For some reason it feels weird to be going to classes here…I guess I did sign up for a “study abroad” ūüėČ

Anyways my Art in Context class is going to be great-we meet at Santa Croce church tomorrow for class. My professor will be slightly difficult to understand…mumbling and strong Italian accent don’t necessarily go well together!¬†

Mysticism and Magic. My professor reminds me of Dolores Umbridge…from Harry Potter. ¬†This only strengthens the feeling that we are learning to be witches and wizards. All we need are the gowns. ¬†Let’s just say this class will most likely cause many stories (and my stories are something else). ¬†You never know maybe my true calling is to be magical…and I just haven’t discovered it yet! Yep, that’s it.

            Oh did I forget to mention that G. Dragnea Horvath is from Transylvanian? She is     awesome tho-it is going to be very interesting!!


DRAWING AND PAINTING!!!!!! I’m beyond words excited about these classes:) My art professor, Frans (he’s Dutch), is just fabulous. ¬†Yesterday in painting we started painting an Italian still life (coffee cup, wine, wine glass, pasta, and tomatoes). ¬†Frans forgot the tomatoes in his office (our studio is not in the main building) and he was just beside himself that he forgot them!! Hahaha, “damn it the tomatoes!” was the phrase of the day. ¬†From the looks of the syllabus the things we get to paint are going to be soooo cool. Drawing is equally exciting! ¬†I’m excited about the class and the people in it! I am extremely pumped about everything we are going to learn and do!

My 21st birthday was on Monday, and although it was a hard day missing everyone and being in a completely different everything it got a million times better:) ¬†My best friends here and cousin Seth went out to a homey family style dinner for what seemed like went on for 20 minutes but we were there for like 3 hours! It felt so nice to have family and didn’t hurt that Seth’s been here since September. ¬†So after we left dinner (last ones out…and they were cleaning up) Seth took us to the Piazza del Michelangelo (or something like that). ¬†After about 9million steps we finally got there. Let me tell you…this was just the icing on top. Seriously was the coolest thing I’ve ever done with great people. ¬†Man am I lucky.



One thought on “First week has begun:)

  1. What a cool thing to be able to hang out with your cousin who goes to a different school but in the same city in a foreign country – wow, that was a mouthful. Love to hear the stories – keep writing. Love you, Ciao, Pappa

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