Che cosa significa….?

Alright so learning a new language is hard…end sentence. We went to class every day from 9-1 (with a much needed “pausa” right in the middle! I usually got classy and purchased a 50eurocent cappuccino from the…wait for it…vending machines. It was actually pretty good! (I could use one right now while typing this…).  We learned a lot of how to get around things. Like if you are in a restaurant and want to order spaghetti with tomato sauce and a glass of red wine you would say, “vorrei gli spaghetti al pomodoro e un bicchiere di vino rosso”. I’m pretty good at ordering a glass of Chianti, I mean it is made within the hills of tuscany…so why the heck not?!  If you are in a bar (which is really a cafe-I still call it a cafe) and wanted a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino you would say, “Prendo un cornetto con cioccolata e un cappuccino”.  Grazie (grat-z-eh), prego, per favore (per favor-eh), ciao, buongiorno, buonasera, buonanotte…you hear these all the time!  “Ciao, grazie!” -especially when you walk out of a store. 

Speaking of stores we went to while waiting for a ristorante to open in Siena (because everyone eats at like 8oclock!) we found this super cute little (fancy) thrift shop and I was trying on everything in sight, naturally:) The shop owner (commessa) started to bring me things to try on! At one point I was wearing a full length fur coat (those are suuuuuper “in” over here) with purple sunglasses that covered a good portion of my face, and a super large white floppy sun hat thing…IT WAS AWESOME.

We got into Florence January 26 (26 Gennaio) and after climbing what seemed like a million and a half stairs we got to our apartment! WOO! Since today is my birthday (21 baby!) my friends and I went out to dinner last night (they are so great).  I had the most amazing dish…it was some type of tortellini with pears…sounds weird? You don’t even know…it was the best thing I think I have EVER had. (Darn I should’ve taken a picture!!)  After, since I live about 20 minutes from my friends…and it was dark…and it is dangeroso to walk alone at night, my lovely friends walked me home! (Don’t worry mom-I will never walk alone at night!)

oh yeah and the creepy Italian men have begun… “bella mamma” which I think means hot mama was creepily whispered to me as I walked past yesterday…it’s hilarious. I will keep you all posted of the Italian men. 

Ciao ragazzi!


One thought on “Che cosa significa….?

  1. What a lucky girl to have your 21st birthday in Florence, Italy. We all miss you in Montana. Happy Birthday – Ciao Bella, Pappa

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